New Year’s Eve Inspiration

December 29, 2014 , In: Decor, Entertaining, Holiday, Inspiration, Parties

Well, we’ve all made it past the rush of the holidays and Christmas is now behind us. It’s time to rest, relax and coast along until the end of the year. But as the last days of 2014 come to a close there’s still one last celebration – New Year’s Eve! Whether you’re counting down the last minutes of the year at a fancy party or cozied up on the couch, The Party Buss wants you to make it as festive as possible. Here are some quick ideas to add some glitz and glam your celebration.

Why not wear fancy party hats?

New Year's Inspiration | The Party Buss


Put down the red party cups and drink champagne out of the stemware you never use!

New Year's Inspiration | The Party Buss


Serve your appetizers and snacks on an elegant tray with lots of candlelight.

New Year's Inspiration | The Party Buss


Pull Christmas ornaments off the tree and place in a bowl for an instant centerpiece.

New Year's Inspiration | The Party Buss


 Light numbered sparklers to ring in the New Year with a cheerful glow.

New Year's Inspiration | The Party Buss

However you’ll be celebrating, make it special, make it memorable and please be responsible.

Here’s to 2015 and all it will bring!

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