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Wreath Making Workshop

December 17, 2014 , In: Decor, Events, Family, Holiday, Inspiration, Parties

wreathOver the weekend, I took my daughters to a wreath making workshop hosted by Marin County Parks at McNears Beach Park. All of the natural supplies were provided which made our wreaths even more special because all of the fresh greenery and berries came from right there in the park. The park rangers made a special effort to create a festive morning: holiday music was playing, the tables covered with cute snowflake tablecloths and there were yummy snacks – hot tea and cookies, a popcorn machine and clementine oranges kept our energy up and the creative juices flowing!

Girls Wreath Collage

This might seem like an advanced craft but after learning a few tricks, it was quite easy. I met a woman there who told me it was her first time making a wreath and hers was one of the prettiest of the day! Here are some useful tips we learned:

  • Any circular form can be used as a base. The bases we were given were just willow branches formed into a circle and attached with floral tape.
  • The key is to make small bundles by wiring pieces of evergreen together and then attach those to your base, tucking each bundle underneath the one before it.
  • Don’t waste any greenery – use every bit of it! We even made a cute door swag by picking up our evergreen scraps and using the same bundle technique.
  • Keep your pieces of wire long so you can continue using the same piece as you build up the layers of your wreath.

Crafts may seem intimidating but they are a great theme for a party. They are an instant ice breaker, giving guests a chance to share ideas and compliments. All ages can participate and engage with each other, and it takes some pressure off of you as the host to constantly entertain your guests.

pinboard_wreathProvide the basic supplies (wreath forms, floral wire, clippers or scissors, greenery) and then ask your guests to bring some decorations to share. It will be a fun surprise to see the variety of choices everyone selects. Be sure to check out your local Christmas tree lot or hardware store. They will often give you tree limb scraps for free. When it comes to making wreaths, you don’t need tons of long branches – you’ll be surprised at how far the greenery will stretch. If you aren’t feeling crafty or are short on time, pick up a pre-made evergreen wreath (real or fake) and add some simple decorations: a bright bow, a couple pine cones, a bundle of ornaments wired together. A few pieces of live greenery will really fill out a faux wreath plus give it a lovely aroma.


Keep food and drink very simple since you’ll be focused on craft making. Grab a cheese and cracker tray, open a couple bottles of wine and sparkling water, pop some popcorn and all of a sudden your craft workshop just turned into a party!



Thanks to Park Ranger Sarah Burkhart and her team and Marin County Parks for organizing this event!


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