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May 21, 2015 , In: Entertaining, Events, Family, Faves, Parties, Themes

Recently a friend of mine organized a wine tasting event at the Tiburon Yacht Club and invited my family to attend. The tasting featured wines from Matanzas Creek Winery located in Sonoma County.

Several flights of wine were available for tasting, giving adults a wide selection of excellent red and white wines. The club had also prepared individual cheese plates for guests. It was a small but very well-organized event and we had a terrific evening.

Now, I’m no stranger to wine tasting. It would take a lot for me to turn down an invitation. But what stood out to me about this event was that it was completely family friendly. The club had actually set up a non-alcoholic wine tasting station for the kids! These selections came from Navarro Vineyards in coastal Mendocino.


Each child was provided three different samples and given instruction on sniffing the corks, smelling their drinks before sampling and noticing the different flavors detected. Worksheets were provided to make notes on which bottles the kids liked or disliked. It was really entertaining to see the kids’ responses and comments, and it was a fun way for the kids start having an awareness of all their senses while dining.


The idea of including kids in a tasting event was new to me and I would happily take my kids to another family friendly tasting. This would be such a creative idea to center a party around. Invite another family or two and encourage them to bring their own favorites. If wine doesn’t interest you the concept can easily be adapted for other tastings, like chocolate or cheese. What a unique way to let the kids feel like grown-ups while encouraging them to try new foods and drinks!




Notes were taken on the “fizzy” and “good” samples!

    • SB
    • June 4, 2015

    LOVE this! Such a cute idea for a party.

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