Party Time with Roy G. Biv! | The Party Buss

Party Time with Roy G. Biv!


Party Time with Roy G. Biv! | The Party Buss

Do you know Roy G. Biv? Hint: it’s not a former member of Bell Biv Devoe. It’s the nickname for the color wheel: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet. Roy G. Biv likes to have a good time and should be at all your parties this year!

Party Time with Roy G. Biv! | The Party Buss

Not pictured: Roy G. Biv

When buying paper goods for parties, I always prefer solid colors. They’re usually more budget friendly and sold in larger quantities. When you start with a basic solid color, it’s easy to customize your party decor with stickers, stamps or washi tape. Plus, any extras are more likely to get repurposed than two dozen leftover Bubble Guppies napkins. No matter the season or holiday, there’s a color that will coordinate perfectly with your party.

Party Time with Roy G. Biv! | The Party Buss

It’s easy to decorate solid color napkins with your party’s theme.

I’ve created a handy cheat sheet of solid colors with the holidays and occassions that correspond so that you can be a party guru all year long.ROYCollage Green2BIVCollage2For good measure, let’s include a couple of Roy G. Biv’s besties:


Of course, this list is just a starting point. There are no real rules when it comes to your party’s color palette. Having unconventional colors for holidays has been a growing trend the last few years. The main idea is to inspire you when shopping for paper goods and to consider new and different ways of using what you have. Everyday is a chance to have a party, so find some creative ways to bring Roy G. Biv to your next soiree!

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