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Brunch 101: Cheers to Cocktails


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This week, The Party Buss is focusing on ideas for hosting a stylish brunch. Each day I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks that I’ve learned as a hostess (and guest!). By Friday, you’ll be ready to effortlessly prepare your own brunch for the upcoming Easter weekend, or any occasion that brings family and friends together.

Be sure to follow along everyday to learn simple ways to make your brunch beautiful!


We’ve covered a lot of ground this week – setting up your brunch buffet, must-have items, place cards, napkins. Whew, we deserve a drink! And that’s the final topic in our series – cocktails for brunch.

Brunch 101 | The Party Buss

Mimosas are the classic brunch cocktail and for good reason. Just like the food menu, a mimosa is a little bit breakfast and a little bit happy hour all in one fancy glass! But you and your guests deserve more than just some OJ and a splash of champagne. Let’s set up a mimosa bar, full of options to create the perfect drink for each and every guest.

Drink bars are not only a fun and refreshing treat for guests, but are visually appealing and will do double duty as pretty decor. You can easily add a mimosa bar to any brunch you’re organizing. There are really only a few components to setting it up – options for juice, champagne and fruit for garnish. Set each of these up on the table in the order that you would assemble your mimosa.

CHAMPAGNECheers to Cocktails | The Party Buss

  • Offer a variety of champagne and bubbles – traditional, pink champagne, plus sparkling water and sparkling grape juice for any guests that may want a nonalcoholic option.
  • You’ll need one bottle of champagne per 8-10 mimosas.
  • Choose a dry champagne because the juice will add enough sweetness.


Cheers to Cocktails | The Party BussJUICE

  • If it’s possible to get fresh squeezed juice, go for it. It may be a small splurge but will result in tastier cocktails.
  • Offer a variety of juices: orange, peach, mango, grapefruit and lemonade are all  delicious choices.




Cheers to Cocktails | The Party Buss

  • Set out a selection of seasonal fruit for garnishes: strawberries, peaches, blueberries, raspberries, pineapple chunks.
  • Serving frozen berries will help keep the drinks chilled.



  • Set out stir sticks or skewers. Your guests will use them for the fruit and to mix their drink. Plus it’s another fun way to pull in a pretty color or pattern.
  • Check that you have plenty of champagne flutes or whatever type of glasses you’re using to serve the mimosas. Ask a friend or family member to borrow some if you don’t have enough.
  • Make sure that everything is nice and chilled ahead of time. Keep any excess in the fridge and replenish as needed.
  • Label the options – this way your guests won’t be asking you the same questions over and over again. (This is great advice for your buffet, too!)

Having the opportunity to assemble and customize your own drink creations makes for a one-size-fits-all crowd pleaser. For the host, it’s an easy, time-saving option – presenting a casual, yet creative, way to set up the drink display. These same ideas can be applied to any cocktail or drink bar (Bloody Marys, anyone?). Attention to detail is what will make your event a special experience so make a couple minutes to take a few extra, but very simple, steps.

Cheers to Cocktails | The Party Buss


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Brunch 101 | The Party Buss


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