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Brunch 101: Crafting Place Cards


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This week, The Party Buss is focusing on ideas for hosting a stylish brunch. Each day I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks that I’ve learned as a hostess (and guest!). By Friday, you’ll be ready to effortlessly prepare your own brunch for the upcoming Easter weekend, or any occasion that brings family and friends together.

Be sure to follow along everyday to learn simple ways to make your brunch beautiful!

So, we’ve created our buffet and made sure we have all the hostess must-haves. Now it’s time to give the tabletop a little bit of love. Place cards are a pretty detail that bring a personal touch to your decor. Plus, they’ll eliminate the awkward moment where your guests stand around wondering where it’s ok to sit.

Simplicity is the key to this craft. These ideas I’m sharing are so easy, you can make a batch while watching your favorite TV show. Low effort, high impact…that’s what’s it’s all about!

If you have a few clothespins, you’re already halfway done making your place cards! All it takes is some markers or paint pens to write your guests’ names and add a little doodle. Clip them to a wine glass, a placemat or even napkins.

Crafting Place Cards | The Party Buss


A plain piece of paper becomes elegant when combined with a natural element. A fresh flower, a sprig of rosemary or even a pretty rock will do the trick. In the fall, I like using pinecones.

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My secret for pretty lettering? Well, I actually have two. The first is tracing. Find a font you like online and print out the names of your guests. Use that as your guide to trace the names onto your cards.

The other secret weapon I use is stamps. I picked up this cute set of letter stamps from the Target Dollar Spot. They’re a quick way to get a polished look. Add a cute piece of wash tape to ensure the letters will be straight and even.

Crafting Place Cards | The Party Buss


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