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Brunch 101: Hostess Must Haves


Brunch 101 | The Party Buss

This week, The Party Buss is focusing on ideas for hosting a stylish brunch. Each day I’ll be sharing some of my favorite tips and tricks that I’ve learned as a hostess (and guest!). By Friday, you’ll be ready to effortlessly prepare your own brunch for the upcoming Easter weekend, or any occasion that brings family and friends together.

Be sure to follow along everyday to learn simple ways to make your brunch beautiful!

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Yesterday we covered setting up the buffet, now let’s spend some time talking about the supplies you’ll need. I’m going to give you a peek into my essential items when hosting any occasion. These pieces will be the foundation for preparing your brunch and are versatile enough to take you from casual potlucks to elegant cocktail parties. I’ve hosted countless brunches, so I’ve learned a lot about which items will get the most use instead of collecting dust in the back of the kitchen cabinets.

White Platters – Think of this as the “Little Black Dress” of entertaining. Appetizers, large salads, main entrees, desserts, just about everything looks more elegant when arranged on a large white platter. Go ahead and buy everything pre-made and simply arrange it on a big white platter. Instant class! Plus, if your platter is really big it can do double duty as a bar tray – organizing bottles, glasses and garnishes.

Brunch 101 | The Party Buss

Cake Stands – Don’t limit yourself to only displaying cakes and cupcakes. Adding a cake stand brings height to your buffet. A cake stand makes a great fruit and cheese plate or a fancy way to display condiments.

Serving Silverware – You NEVER have as much of this as you think. Nothing’s worse than preparing a big meal for a crowd and using rinky dink spoons (or worse, ugly plastic nonsense) to serve your food. Serving spoons and forks, cheese knives, spreaders, a salad set, a cake slicer – all of these will “serve” you well time and time again. Yeah, I said it. Moving along…

Stemless Glassware – These are so much more versatile then traditional stemware. You’ll definitely gonna get your money’s worth out of these bad boys!  Mixed drinks, small salads, shrimp cocktail, dips, individual desserts and more instantly become chic when served in these glasses. Bonus: they are more convenient to clean and store compared to stemware. Oh yeah, you can drink wine out them, too.

Brunch 101 | The Party Buss

Hurricane Vase – Does your table need a centerpiece? If you own a hurricane vase, you already have one! There are endless possibilities for what you can fill a glass container with. I used a pair of these at my wedding filled with rose petals that guests tossed as we left our reception. Anything seasonal is perfectly highlighted in a hurricane; Easter eggs, pillar candles, decorative spheres, wine corks, seashells, or simple floral and greenery arrangements.

Cloth Napkins – A “real” napkin shows that you’re a considerate hostess. They elevate any meal or occasion and subtly shows guests you’re treating their visit as a special occasion. These are a simple way to add color and pattern to a table without having to purchase or organize tons of different dishware patterns. We’ll  talk more about napkins this week!

Large Wood Cutting Board – Cutting boards are not merely for cutting. A beautiful piece of wood adds a natural texture and visual interest to your tablescape. Arranging appetizers, a sandwich selection or crudités on a large wood board creates a warm, casual display. If the board is big enough, use it as a tray to hold a coffee and tea station.

Brunch 101 | The Party Buss

When entertaining, a savvy hostess has a well-stocked pantry of not only food and drinks but serving dishes, too. By keeping these basics on hand, you’ll be able to pull them out effortlessly whenever the occasion calls for it. I personally own every item on this list and am still amazed at how often I use them. Each of these items is like a classic wardrobe item; you can mix and match them with pieces you already own. I bet you’ll find yourself reaching for them time and time again all year long. I hope these staples will help you become the confident hostess you’ve always wanted to be. Don’t miss tomorrow as we get crafty and learn simple ways to create place cards!

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