Insta Inspiration | The Party Buss

Insta Inspiration, Vol. 4


Hi, friends! I’m back with another post filled with Insta Inspiration. Am I the only one who checks Instagram and gets sucked down a rabbit hole? One minute you’re posting on your own feed, next thing you know you’re looking up Real Housewives’ profiles and liking pictures of Tupac Shakur. Anyone?? Well, I’ll spare you from that craziness. Today I’ve found creative party details, fresh styling elements and a great gift idea to share. Check out this week’s round-up of posts and please leave a comment if you see something you like!

Insta Inspiration | The Party Buss

Insta Inspiration is an ongoing series where I share my favorite recent instagrams, giving us some creative and imaginative ideas to start our week. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to follow some new instagram accounts, too! Catch up with past Insta Inspiration posts here and make sure you never miss a thing by following The Party Buss on instagram and facebook!


Forget abs, this is the kind of six pack I dream about. Oh, who am I kidding?Everything @thetipsydessertbar shares ends up in my dreams!

Insta Inspiration | The Party Buss


I’m absolutely in love with this Keepsake Kitchen Diary by @valeriemckeehan. What an amazing tradition to start. I’ll be ordering some of these – they’re the perfect gift for so many occasions.

Insta Inspiration | The Party Buss


This sign that @mooncanyon posted is not only pretty but has a great message. We all deserve to take the time and discover what makes us feel beautiful, even when hosting parties.

Insta Inspiration | The Party Buss


My friend @katybirds created this charming and rustic scene at Mann Family Farms in Bolinas, CA. Check out her work – she’s an expect at styling bars and drink stations.

Insta Inspiration | The Party Buss


I can’t get enough of the party @brightbolddesign is planning for her daughter. Did you see that amazing wide wash tape with gold polka dots??


Have an inspired week! Want to be included in the next post or want to tell me about a cool instagram account? Send me an email.

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