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Cake Week | The Party Buss

Both of my daughters have Fall birthdays that are just a couple of weeks apart, so at this time of year I always find myself a bit obsessed with cakes – endless searches on Pinterest, tearing pages from magazines, trying new decorating ideas, checking out local bakeries. Not to mention getting special requests and “artistic direction” from the birthday girls themselves. So that’s how I came up with the idea to dedicate a whole week to cakes here on the blog. Each day this week we’ll focus on a different cake trend as well as chatting about easy embellishments, creative shortcuts, fun style tips. Let’s get started!


Naked cakes have become a huge trend, giving traditional layered cakes a big make under. The concept of a naked cake is to leave off the outer layer of icing so that the texture, colors and filling of the cake are on display. The end result is a perfectly imperfect dessert that’s still a showstopper.

Given their name, you might think that naked cakes are less complicated to create. But in fact, the preparation takes quite a bit of skill. Unlike their frosted counterparts, naked cakes should not be prepared ahead of time. They are especially susceptible to air and tend to dry out quickly. To keep them moist, many bakeries will bake and assemble the cake on the day of the event.

Cake Week | The Party Buss

Naked cakes are usually made using a light sponge cake with cream frosting between each layer and embellished with natural elements. The real charm of this style of cake is that each visible layer is unique, with all of its handcrafted beauty on display. Whether there is not a dollop of frosting at all on the edges, or a just a light white washed look, these elegant creations will stand out at any celebration.

Cake Week | The Party Buss

When designing a naked cake, the fun doesn’t stop at just the beauty of the cake layers alone. The other side to the naked cake’s beauty is in the toppings – seasonal blooms and greenery, berries, caramel, honey and more. When decorating a naked cake, opt to leave off traditional garnishes, like sugar or fondant flowers. Instead, choose more organic elements that will enhance the cake’s natural appearance. Fresh fruits, nuts, berries and edible wildflowers are all on-trend options that result in a fresh, beautiful presentation.

Cake Week | The Party Buss

While they started out as a wedding cake trend, naked cakes have gained popularity and are most definitely here to stay. What do you think? Would you give one of these exposed creations a chance? Or are you a fierce frosting fan when it comes to cakes?

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