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Cake Toppers | The Party Buss

It’s so easy to get caught up in magazines and lifestyle blogs, filling our minds with Martha Stewart-inspired dreams of the amazing cake we’re going to bake the next time a birthday comes around. Sounds good, right? Now let’s get real. When you’re in a time crunch there’s no shame in stopping by the grocery store and grabbing a quick sheet cake. But, with just a little bit of planning, you can create a custom cake topper that’s perfect for your party.

Cake Week | The Party BussBoth of my daughters have Fall birthdays a couple weeks apart, so at this time of year I find myself a bit obsessed with cakes – endless searches on Pinterest, tearing pages from magazines. Not to mention getting “artistic direction” from the birthday girls themselves. That’s how I decided to dedicate a whole week to cakes on the blog. Each day we’ll focus on a different cake trend as well as chatting about easy embellishments, creative shortcuts and fun style tips. Let’s get started!


You’re already at the market buying a cake, go ahead and pick up a bouquet of blooms while you’re there. Here’s a trick I used when I made the cake below for an Asian party: place groupings of flowers in two opposite corners of the cake, one cluster slightly larger than the other. Voila – you now have an artistically decorated cake!                      Read more details about this party

Cake Toppers | The Party Buss



Since we’ve found ourselves in the grocery store, let’s go ahead and get some candy, too. With candy, it really doesn’t take any effort for it to look good. These examples show that it doesn’t matter if you delicately arrange the candy or simply stick ’em on top, candies and cakes are just made to go together!

Cake Toppers | The Party Buss


So, cake alone’s not enough for you? Alright, let’s double down and top a pastry with another pastry. Insanity! Yes it is, but topping an already delicious cake with macaroons and meringues is also genius. Total genius.

Cake Toppers | The Party Buss

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Images via Pinterest.

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