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CAKE WEEK // Doll Cakes


Doll Cakes | The Party Buss

Doll cakes are a little girl’s dream come true. Imagine a glamorous fashion doll wearing a giant, frothy princess dress. Oh yeah, and the doll’s dress is made of sweet cake and frosting to eat with all your friends! Yes, please – sign me up. Full disclosure: I actually had a doll cake at my bridal shower. One of my sweet and creative friends went to the effort to have a Barbie bride doll as the centerpiece of that party. I wish I had pictures of it to share but this was before these new-fangled, fancy cell phone cameras all the kids have.

Even if a doll cake isn’t quite your style, it’s still fun to admire the amount of craft and detail that goes into making one of these delicious creations. Below I’ve included a round-up of links to some of my favorite doll style cake tutorials. Scroll on down…


Cake Week | The Party Buss

Both of my daughters have Fall birthdays a couple weeks apart, so at this time of year I find myself a bit obsessed with cakes – endless searches on Pinterest, tearing pages from magazines. Not to mention getting “artistic direction” from the birthday girls themselves. That’s how I decided to dedicate a whole week to cakes on the blog. Each day we’ll focus on a different cake trend as well as chatting about easy embellishments, creative shortcuts and fun style tips. Let’s get started!


This Elsa cake tutorial is an updated look on the traditional dress shaped cake.

Doll Cake | The Party Buss

Not into dolls? Use this method to create a dress form topped cake. Perfect for bridal showers or any fashion themed party.

Doll Cake | The Party Buss

A different spin on the doll cake is the Butterfly Barbie Cake. This is such a versatile idea – it would be awesome for fairies, angels and dragonflies, too!

Doll Cake | The Party Buss

I love the way this doll was adapted to create a mermaid tail instead of a dress. Be sure to read this whole post for some incredible mermaid party ideas.

Doll Cakes | The Party Buss

And in case you’re thinking doll cakes are just for girls? I give you…the Darth Vader cake! Seriously, this guy is unbelievably talented and his videos are worth checking out.

Doll Cake | The Party Buss

Disclaimer: The Party Buss is not responsible for any and/or all consumption of cake or any cake-type products that may result after reading this blog post. Any Pinterest or Pinterest-related searches for cake(s) are made solely at the users discretion.

Images via Pinterest.

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