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If you want to really wow your friends and family, you have to step up your cake game. A beautifully decorated cake alone won’t cut it – you need to make sure there’s a surprise inside! There are more and more tutorials popping up for how to make intricate designs within the layers of your cake. Today’s round-up will show you some new techniques you might not have considered before.

Cake Week | The Party Buss

Both of my daughters have Fall birthdays a couple weeks apart, so at this time of year I find myself a bit obsessed with cakes – endless searches on Pinterest, tearing pages from magazines. Not to mention getting “artistic direction” from the birthday girls themselves. That’s how I decided to dedicate a whole week to cakes on the blog. Each day we’ll focus on a different cake trend as well as chatting about easy embellishments, creative shortcuts and fun style tips. Let’s get started!


This bright and cheery cake style is perfect for so many occasions. Getting this look is as simple as tinting white cake batter with food coloring that coordinates with your party. A quick Pinterest search will lead you to hundreds of tutorials that go into much more detail.

Rainbow Cake | The Party Buss


As if the exterior of this lumberjack themed cake wasn’t amazing enough, cut a slice and you’ll be surprised by a rugged red and black check. This plaid pattern takes some patience to assemble but as you can see, it’s well worth it for the WOW factor! Read all about it in this Huffington Post feature.

Lumberjack Cake | The Party Buss


Imagine the look on the guest of honor’s face when given a slice of cake with their name on the inside! I have to admit, this is my favorite style of the bunch. My hat goes off to Meko Creations. You could even try out different words – how great would MOM or DAD be on Mothers Day and Fathers Day??

Word Cake | The Party Buss

//2 CAKES IN 1//

Can’t decide between your favorite desserts? No problem – just make two cakes in one! By sandwiching a layer of cheesecake between regular cake, a new decadent treat is born. Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice shares a recipe for lemon blueberry cheesecake cake that would be a perfect addition to an Easter buffet.

Cheesecake Cake | The Party Buss


Bird on a Cake shows us a tutorial for making a swirl cake. You can easily adapt this method to any color combo that fits your party but I’m partial to this hippie-dippy tie dye version. All you need is to turn up the Freedom Rock and you’ve got one groovy party!

Surprise Inside | The Party Buss

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