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Thanks to social media, we get overloaded with amazing holiday and seasonal ideas we’d love to try. Think that we’ve seen just about everything that can be done with a pumpkin, right? Well, everyday I see so much new creativity, originality and resourcefulness that impresses me. Ideas that are so perfect you can’t believe you haven’t seen them before. I’ve gone through my inspiration files and today I’m sharing some of my favorites with you.

Top Ten Jack O' Lanterns | The Party Buss

Take jack o’ lanterns – we’ve all carved a pumpkin and know that a cute smiley face gets the job done. But some of these in today’s roundup are truly pieces of art.  I hope they excite you to try something new this Halloween.

Sources are linked below each image.

#1 // Franken Pumpkin

Tom Nardone is truly a carving master. In his book, Extreme Halloween, he shows us how to create pumpkin art that’s innovative and grotesque.

#2 // Brains!

Skull A Day is a go-to resource for creative jack o’ lantern ideas that are sure to spook all your trick or treaters.

#3 // Jack ‘O Archway

This archway from crazicarlos.blogspot.com (which just might be the best website name ever!) is amazing. It’s a statement piece day or night. This is one I really want to try out for myself.

#4 // Witchy Poo

Melissa at Veranda-interiors.com shares a fun witch pumpkin she found on Pinterest. Love the idea of carving on the top of the gourd to create a face.

#5 // Brace Face

My older daughter got braces over the summer so I know this pumpkin from  @sarebearcountdown on Instagram would give her a few laughs. How fun would this be in an orthodontist’s office?

#6 // Aracnaphobia

This pumpkin from The Kim Six Fix is so simple but makes a big impact. No carving required and all you need is a hot glue gun. Plus, it’s budget friendly – bags of spider rings can be found at many stores for about $1.

#7 & 8 // The Owl and the Pussycat

Pumpkins and animals are a perfect combo for Halloween. Just look at these great examples. The owl comes to us from makezine.com. Can you believe that it started out as a 45lb. pumpkin?! The mischievous cat is courtesy of rhombitruncated’s Flickr stream.

#9 // Fireflies

Maybe scary and gory isn’t what you’re into. If so, carve up a cute pumpkin instead like this sweet firefly jar found on Pinterest.

And last, but not least…

#10 // The Trumpkin

YIKES! That is one freaky pumpkin no matter which presidential candidate you choose to support. Be warned…this one might get you more tricks than treats on Halloween night.

Since that last one was a little too scary, here’s a bonus jack o’ lantern to cleanse your pallets.  🙂

// Road Warriors //

Ah, that’s much better – thanks, doityourselfrv.com. How cute are those wheels?? I can just picture a little skeleton or ghost perched inside for a haunted camping trip.

How about you? Have you already carved your jack o’ lanterns? Did you go spooky or friendly this year? Tell us all about your Halloween plans and decor in the comments.


  1. Oh wow these look amazing!! Seriously I can’t pick a favorite. I envy anyone woh can do something like that. xx

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