Countdown to the Holidays


Well, we all survived Halloween and are probably still nursing candy hangovers. But has it hit you yet that Thanksgiving is 3 weeks away? And Christmas is only 7 weeks from now. Did that just send you into a panic? It did me. (More than just a little bit!) Every year we have hopes of how we’ll organize our holiday season. But it’s more likely that it will end up being the busiest time of the year. More commitments, more to-do’s, more errands, more stress…but unfortunately not more time. How would you really like to spend your holidays? What I want is to be able enjoy it all – devoting time to friends and family, making memories, sharing traditions and taking in the festive feeling this time of year brings. And I bet that’s what you want, too.


You still have time to make a special experience to share with your loved ones. Hosting a get together doesn’t have to be overwhelming or stressful. It can be a very easy process – if you have the right tools. You just might have more supplies on hand than you realize (Hint: holiday decorations already have your house looking festive!). I’ve created an easy to follow cheat sheet that will get you organized and prepared for a party of any size. You’ll have the convenience of the planning being done for you – just check the boxes and have a good time! Let my guide take some of the pressure off and give you the confidence to create something truly special this year.

Holiday Brunch? Family Movie Night? Tree Trimming Bash? Hot Cocoa Party? Festivus? Or just an excuse to drink some cocktails? No matter what you’re dreaming of at this time of year, The Party Buss is here to help!

Click here to download your free copy of my Holiday Party Planning Cheat Sheet.

Is a checklist not enough help? Contact The Party Buss to discuss your event!


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