Thanksgiving Entertaining Secrets


With just days until Thanksgiving, we need all the shortcuts we can get. Below I’m sharing some of my best secrets when hosting the holidays. Even if you’re not planning a party this year, these tips will be perfect for any entertaining!

Napkin Folds

Fancy folded napkins are a quick way to elevate your tabletop. FTD Fresh has shared some amazing and easy folding techniques complete with how-to videos and downloadable instructions. The diagonal pock fold is my favorite. 🙂 In my Bruch 101 series I included a napkin fold round up full of more inspiring styles.


Become a Renter

It’s a fact, renting table supplies like linens, plates and glassware makes party prep 100% less stressful. Rentals allow you to freshen up your current table decor while only spending a fraction of the retail cost. I recently ordered a table cloth, napkins, wine glasses and flatware and spent less than $60! Most vendors even offer delivery and pick up, to. Go visit a local party supply rental company and I bet you’ll be impressed by all they can do to make your hosting duties easier.

 The Bathtub!?

I know, this one sounds kinda crazy but stay with me. It’s large, waterproof, out of the way and will free up valuable real estate in your kitchen. Beer and wine, liquor for speciality cocktails, even extras like butter and whipped cream can chill out in a temporary home during party time. Fill the tub 3/4 full with ice, add a little salt and you’ve got a the biggest cooler on the block!

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